Business/Organization/Entrepreneur Highlight

Business/Organization/Entrepreneur Highlight

Unique Access Business / Organization / Entrepreneur Highlight:

Artice Hunter a Master Barber Stylist founder and owner of Artice Creative Designs, LLC, ACD established in 2016  as an extension of her career as a creative designer.

It all started when my church had a health fair event in November 2015, and I was asked to make two gifts to raffled off during the event. My pastor had inquired about who had made the wreaths as we were calling out the winners. Once he was informed it was me, he asks me in amazement did I do the wreaths and how long I had been doing that kind of work. I told him I had been doing it for some time but just as a hobby or creating gifts for family and friends.

My pastor immediately told me I need to turn my God given gift into a business and don’t delay. I received what he had spoken and I decided in June 2016, I would make Artice Creative Designs LLC a legitimate business.  Being inspired by my pastor I also understand that my faith plays a major role in my success, because I know this gift I have is God given. God gave me the vision, and I decided to step out on faith.

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