Three Quick Tips For Great Public Relations Strategies In This Digital Age

Three Quick Tips For Great Public Relations Strategies In This Digital Age

Digital Media is the new marketing tool that is very effective and has leveled the playing field for many small businesses and entrepreneurs. The game has changed and as a small business you must use that to your advantage and understand how the game is played. See 3 tips from a previous issue of Unique Access Magazine.  Additional tips will be in our upcoming issue.  Subscribe today at

Tip #1: You Must Get Noticed

Getting and being noticed is key in business. Before you begin any form of communications with customers, you must understand your tar-geted audience, be clear on who they are, and what they’re looking for. Another key is not only to know your target audience but to have the tools necessary to identify key behaviors of your audience and potential customers. Therefore, having a website with a search engine optimization (SEO) statistics and site analysis such as Google analytics is important. There are numerous site trackers that are free and available for your use. There’s also website hosting platforms that offer search engine optimization services (SEO). Having customer profiles and knowing their behavior and preferences doesn’t just stop there. You must utilize keywords the defines your business/services so that you’re easily found. When people do a search on websites they click on results that appear on the first page, rarely do they go from page to page. Keywords that would put you on the first page is very helpful. Using these strategies will assist with improving your business search and give you a better chance of getting noticed.

Tip #2: Use Social Media It’s a Great Tool

Social Media is the new game changer and many small businesses are using it to their ad-vantage. It’s a good way to reach individuals and if you want to reach even more people, you can pay a very small fee to get more exposure. Social Media is a tool available to businesses to pitch sales and market services. Doing sale pitches and telling crafty stories can also assist with building meaningful relationships with key individuals. However, you must also think for a moment about the value and how you are going to provide it. One thing to know is that every social media platform can produce different outcomes and caterers to different audiences. You must know what audiences embrace what platform and what is of value to him or her. One way to determine your audience and what interest them is by doing short online surveys that include age category and consumer interests. Social media can be very helpful in getting leads, proposal, and even landing promising contracts, so don’t be afraid to use social media platforms to your business advantage. It’s simple, less cost effective, and a way to reach key players and influencers.

Tip #3: Be Crafty, Quick, and Relevant

Because of this digital age – it’s who releases the story first, how appealing it is to the eye, and if it’s relevant are most important. Many people are scanners and skim through articles, news feeds, etc. Not to mention that many are pictorial and most often embrace contents such as a short video and dynamic infographics. Therefore you want your message to be received and digested quickly. One important tip to know is that some audiences are only intrigued and interested in knowing what you offer is what the headlines read and if it’s backed by relevant influencers. Having a great headline especially a catchy one would interest one to look into more of what you’re discussing. Then there’s the relevant influencers, those who already have the trust of the audience. So if they share any of your works then people are more apt to take the time to see what you’re offering or to read your story and possibly share it as well; which in turn gives you, even more, exposure and further strengthens your public relations in the digital age in which we are currently in.

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