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A Kingdom Mindset

A Kingdom Mindset

Contrary to what popular TV programs, commercials, and reality shows want you to believe, having a kingdom mindset would take and put you in places that no one else can. The American Heritage Dictionary states that “a mindset is a fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines or decides in advance a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.” It also states that “A kingdom is a territorial unit ruled by a sovereign; the eternal spiritual sovereignty of God, or a realm or sphere in which one thing is dominant.”
When the two are joined together you get “the rule of God, the territory governed by God, the realm in which God’s will, purposes, plans; and desires are fulfilled in one’s life.”

It’s wise to have a fixed mental attitude or disposition ruled by God, i.e., governed by His will, purposes, plans, disposition; and desires, that predetermines or decides in advance our responses to and interpretations of situations. While it’s okay to be entertained by the many social platforms and programs we have available today; many of them are actually very funny and enlightening.  However, don’t base major life’s decisions or condition your mind to respond in a capacity that doesn’t include a kingdom mindset.

There is so much of the unforeseen and unfamiliar that can literally lead to roads you never intended to venture onto. We see it all too often especially with some celebrities and many with great influence who disregard kingdom mindset and principles. So what happens is that their private lives have now become center and front stage. They’re faced with overwhelming adversaries and are heavily judged by the same ones who vowed to support them.


But be encouraged, we all are more than conquerors thru Christ that love and strengthen us (Romans 8:37). We will always experience disappointments, upset, frustrations, etc. but let’s take on a kingdom mindset, align ourselves and following the blueprint.
There’s this cliche’ that “you have to think about what you’re thinking about.”

This holds true because sometimes we talk ourselves out of multitudes of favors and blessings all because we really didn’t’ take the time to think based upon a kingdom mindset. Proverbs 23:7 tells us that as a man thinks, so is he. This means that our thoughts precede our behavior and response. Many of us have been condi-tioned to think a certain way. For exam-ple, if someone wants to start a business on a part-time basis while still working on a full-time job he or she decides mentally that they can’t start the business because of the fear that their boss/leader may find found out and could face the possibility of being let go. We’ll, “if God is for you then who can be against you!” It all comes to having a Kingdom Mindset.

“START THE BUSINESS ALREADY!!” Think about it for a moment? How can we even begin to be effective with God in carrying out His Kingdom agenda if our minds are not open and predisposed to His position on and will in the situations that we encounter on the earth? Don’t minimize your potential and sabotage your future. We often pass on opportunities that can be life-changing, not only for us but for others had we taken on a kingdom mindset. Our expectations to receive should be vastly different from the norm. I haven’t heard of any billionaire that didn’t expect to continue to make billions. Have we really taken a moment to think that we can have our desires fulfilled according to a kingdom mindset and experience consistent joy, peace, and happiness.

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