Don’t Destroy Your Future “Why Character and Balance are important in Sustaining and Building Your Business” by Monica Jackson First impressions are lasting impressions. Let’s take a moment to look at your business from a dating perspective. What does dating and business have to do with one another you mayRead More →

Why Your Pharmacist Can’t Tell You That $20 Prescription Could Cost Only $8 platovevo: Steven F. Moore, whose family owns Condo Pharmacy in Plattsburgh, N.Y., said the restrictions on pharmacists’ ability to discuss prices with patients were “incredibly frustrating.” Mr. Moore offered this example of how the pricing works: ARead More →

Ever felt like you have put in count-less hours of work-ing only not to have even scratched the surface. Ever felt like giving up.  Deadlines, family matters, business inter-ruptions, assignments, etc. Well quitting or giving up means stopping. And you don’t stop you must continue to press to-wards the mark.Read More →