Keeping Up With Success

Keeping Up With Success

Keeping Up With Success |

Ever felt like you have put in count-less hours of work-ing only not to have even scratched the surface. Ever felt like giving up.  Deadlines, family matters, business inter-ruptions, assignments, etc. Well quitting or giving up means stopping. And you don’t stop you must continue to press to-wards the mark. A good friend of mine who I also consider a sister told me once that we only fail when we quit. My pinterest picture perfect life with family, friends, and business doesn’t look anything like I imagined. I have been doing this for quite some time now and have learned that in this life there will be days that are hard, weeks that are hard and months that are hard.

However, you are more than a conqueror, you can do this. I recall when I first decided to start my business I was very excited. I thought about family time, the many vacations we would take, and how wonderful life would be all because clients would be so in love with my product that they’ll share with every single person they know and with a few marketing strategies to strengthen my brand; many would patronage my business. How about many standing in line awaiting for me to open up and it’s not during a major holiday.

Well years in and I am still waiting for that long line. Your laughing right? Those moments can occur. But seriously, listen to me, not having hundreds of customers don’t make you a unsuccessful business owner or entrepreneur. Just like missing your child’s recital doesn’t make your a bad parent. While success is heavi-ly pursued by many and it’s a good thing to have however, success doesn’t really matter in the life journey.

Do you know what does matters?  Find out more by visiting for the current issue.

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